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Frequently Asked Questions

As the leading drone pilots, photographers and film makers in Gibraltar, we tend to get asked similar questions by our prospective clients and those who are just curious about the world of cameras and aerial filming. We hope this sections answers any of your burning questions. 

Can you fly a drone in Gibraltar? 

The rules in Gibraltar for flying drones follow similar protocols to Europe and UK, however we are located in a densely populated area, with a delicate nature reserve, ecosystem - all with very close proximity to our international airport. Therefore, Gibraltar rules state a "No Drone Policy"  for any type of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) across Gibraltar and its surrounding waters, unless permits are applied for directly through the DCA. 


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The salesperson in the shop said I could use drones weighing less than 250g without the need for permits and licenses or insurance as they are classified as toys. Can I use one of these drones? 

As stated above, the rules in Europe and UK framework for operating drones is closely mirrored here in Gibraltar but as we are in a unique position with regards to our airport, any type of drone, is expressly forbidden to be used anywhere in Gibraltar airspace and it's surrounding waters. 

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We are a TV Station / Film Production company / Documentary House etc. We want drone footage of Gibraltar. Can someone from outside of Gibraltar fly in Gibraltar?

Yes. However there is a lengthy, costly and time consuming application procedure that needs to be carried out with several relevant departments in Gibraltar.


In all areas, there needs to be strict coordination with all agency departments (up to 8 at a time) and most of the time with direct supervision of those departments on site of the aerial operation at an additional cost.


In most cases, The UAV needs to be customised and modified with extra safety redundancies such as backup electronics like GPS, compasses, barometers and may need to be equipped with parachutes and propellor guards to be able to fly in within the sensitive areas of Gibraltar.     

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Alternatively, if this adds a layer of complexity to your operation, this is where we come in... 

Sky Tech is your easy, headache free aerial filming and aerial photography partner in Gibraltar, ready to capture all the best aerial footage for you without any of the hassle associated with using your own drone. Get in touch to see how we can help you with your projects.

Aside from drones, what else does Sky Tech do?

Sky Tech's foundations are based on 15 years of award winning stills photography. From here we have evolved to video production using the latest Sony cameras. We offer a one stop shop for creative video projects right through from pre-production, to colour grading and everything in between. 

Our aerial ambitions have also evolved. We started creating amazing content with DJI drones namely, the Mavic series, the Phantom series and the great Inspire with Apple RAW 422 grade footage. In the past few years, we have included FPV drones into our arsenal. FPV drones are 100% custom made carbon fibre drones that fly like birds and give you the most dynamically possible perspective you can ask for both indoors and outdoors. 

Flying FPV requires hundreds of hours of practice and is a constantly evolving industry. Sky Tech is the only media and drone company to offer FPV services with the blessing of the DCA using the strictest risk management and obtaining the sexiest wow factor footage you will ever see of Gibraltar. Just check out our videos to get an idea of what you can do with this amazing videography method.

To answer your question in short, we operate any and all cameras to bring you the most avant guard photographs and video even seen in Gibraltar.

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